Caricature Sculpture for Gifting and Decor.

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This collection of unique figurines and iconic cars is hand-made and hand-painted by world-famous Parisian Caricature Sculptor, Guillermo Forchino. Found only in specially selected stores around the world, each piece is identified by a stamped signature and a unique number on the bottom of the item. A limited number of each design is made and once“retired”; the sculpture becomes a true collectors item.

Designer Studio Collectibles is envisioned as a fusion of art and design. The focus of the company is to cater to the gifting and decor requirements of its customers. Comprising of Caricature sculpture, Museum and Contemporary sculpture. The collection is unique and enduring.

A common thread of gravitas passes through the offering. Each piece is a subject of conversation, sometimes through humor, but always evincing an emotional connect.


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