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For more than three decades, GANGAR EYENATION has been a name that has merged precision with style. From a single store to one of the largest chains of eyewear solutions, in just 37 years, GANGAR EYENATION has managed to build a commendable list of patrons. A result of an unwavering commitment to offer the most advanced eye care technology combined with the most stylish in eyewear.

Our aim is to be known for the best quality and excellent service in eye care industry worldwide.

We will achieve our mission and vision by expanding reach, providing widest range, being customer centric organisation, implementing technology and standard operating processes so that people see clearly, perform better, look great, feel confident and achieve various life goals successfully.

At the core of GANGAR EYENATION lies a name, a name that resonates India´s most respected and well known optician family that has crafted for itself a unique and irreplaceable brand image.

Specialty Services:

Digital eye checkup

External Examination of the Eye and Adnexa

Equipment Used: Torch

Gross examination of the eye, eye lids, and the pupil reactions

Binocular Function Assessment

Cover /Uncover Test and Ocular Movements. Checking co-ordination of both the eyes, and detection of squint if any.

Checking Visual Acuity with Chart Projector

Equipment Used: Chart Projector

Ensures uniform illumination and precision in letter size as per international standards.

Computerised estimation of refraction and measurement of corneal curvature

Equipment Used: ARK- Auto Refractometer with Keratometer Combo unit

For Computerised estimation of refractive error & Measure the corneal curvature to customise your contact lenses.

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Equipment Used: Streak Retinoscope

For objective estimation of refractive error, an important tool for eye examination for kids.

Retina Evaluation

Equipment Used: Direct Ophthalmoscope

You can get a magnified view of the inside of the eye and check the retina for any diabetic or hypertensive changes and early glaucoma detection.

Subjective Assessment of Refraction

Equipment Used: Phoropter

This is a digital system linked with chart projector and auto lens meter to prescribe eye glasses with high precision and accuracy

Microscopic Examination of the eye

Equipment Used: Slit Lamp Bio-Microscope

Facilitates Microscopic evaluation of the anterior segment and provides magnified view of the front structures of the eye for monitoring contact health and fitting of lenses.

Tear Film Assessment

Equipment Used: Schirmer’s Strips

Assessment of tears very important for all computer users and Contact lens wearers. It helps detection of dry eyes

Orthoptic Evaluation

Checking the availability of convergence and accommodation. Very importantly done in young patients who don’t have a refractive error and yet complain of headaches

Low Vision Aids:

Low Vision services do not cure the cause of the vision problem but rather utilize the remaining vision to its fullest potential. Low vision care does not replace the need for other concurrent treatments such as laser, medication and surgery. Low vision specialists prescribe prescription eyewear, filters, microscopic-telescopic eyewear, magnifiers, adaptive equipment, closed circuit television systems, independent living aids, training and counsel patients.

Special Contact Lens

Special treatment/ Aids are required for some eyes, to take care of these irregularities. We have specialty clinics with specialty optometrist to cater their special reach.


Special treatment/ Aids are required for some eyes, to take care of these irregularities. We have specialty clinics with specialty optometrist to cater their special reach.

Gift Ideas

Going for a Birthday/ Wedding/ Anniversary party but stressed about the gifting options? Do the New!!

Gift the GANGAR EYENATION Gift vouchers and let your loved ones choose their eyewear from the largest collection of freshest eyewear in the city, having stores across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune. Give them the freedom to choose as per their taste, fitting, power or requirement.

Call us on our Info-line number: 022-24195555 for all further information.

Contact Us:

Gangar Eye Nation,

High Street Phoenix

Address : Unit No. F – 10A, First Floor, Sky Zone,

Phoenix Mills Compound, 462, Mumbai-400013

Contact : 022 24980777

Mobile : 9594953054

Timing : 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Holiday : Open all days



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