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Pescafresh is India’s leading organized fresh seafood company has ushered a unique concept of delivery of 100% fresh and customized seafood to the doorstep of the seafood consumer 365 days a year irrespective of seasonal vagaries. With the advent of this service, seafood aficionados are able to discover a world of seafood delicacies with the convenience of a simple phone call.

Our mantra of “Shore to Door” ensures that our products are 100% fresh and of superior quality which is achieved by our team of experts who inspect the seafood at every stage from supply to delivery. We also follow the highest quality & hygiene standards and are compliant with the FSSAI guidelines and are in the process of being HACCP compliant for our facilities.

With nearly a decade of service offering to over 20,000 households across Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad through our proprietary home delivery centers and our branded ‘shop in shop’ partnerships with major retailers such as MORE (Aditya Birla Group), Foodhall & Big Bazaar (Future Group), Nature’s Basket (Godrej Group), Gourmet West (Westside, Tata Trent Group), Haiko among others. Pescafresh is ready to give you your favorite seafood, cut & cleaned as per your requirements and packed in world class packaging. Pescafresh is expanding to other metros also

Pescafresh is dedicated to serving every customer with high quality fresh seafood that will tantalize taste buds with procedures that are FSSAI approved and follow HACCP principles. Pair that with the amazing collection of fresh, wholesome variety of seafood and you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect one for your palate.

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Pescafresh achieved this with their team of experts who inspect seafood at every stage, from supply to delivery, ensuring that our products are 100% fresh and a cut above the rest.

Conceived, built and run by lovers of seafood, Pescafresh is a culmination of a passion for seafood with the staunch belief that ‘What you eat is who you are’. It was founded on an elementary, yet powerful principle: to provide seafood aficionados with the flavour of freshness right to their doorstep. This mission imbibed all its core values since day one, when we first opened shop in 2004.

While working for a seafood distribution company in the US, Sangram Sawant, CEO and Founder of Pescafresh, set in motion a unique business plan of launching a service of retailing fresh seafood in order to create a brand that relies on taking freshness and customer service to the next level.

Thus, the idea of delivering 100% fresh and customized seafood irrespective of seasonal vagaries saw the light of day in 2004. Soon, a shoestring business venture that started off as a boutique setup in Central Mumbai shaped up to become India’s 1st Organized Seafood Distribution and Retailing Company. Today, we cater to over 20,000 households across Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore with plans to have a pan India presence to reach out to every seafood consumer.

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Pescafresh has a state of the art Infrastructure and the first-of-its-kind in the domestic seafood distribution and retailing industry in India. Its central distribution facility is located in Central Mumbai. With a cumulative experience of over 200 years, the staff is well trained and equipped to handle all kinds of seafood. All personnel, right from the manager, supervisor and the production assistants, follow hygienic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).

Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Services

Pescafresh offers a wide selection of top-notch seafood products that best chefs recommend for its freshness, richness and taste!

We understand the discerning palate of seafood enthusiasts and constantly monitor the evolving nature of food services, restaurants and the franchising industry in India. Our knowledge of food trends and consumer taste helps us ensure that the seafood we bring to the table is always up to the mark.

There can never be too much of a good thing and hence, we’re always prepared to meet high demands in a short delivery timespan.

To pander to discerning palate of seafood connoisseurs, Pescafresh has also launched an exclusive gourmet range to whet the appetite of any true foodie!

Their fresh catch is wrapped around the magic mantra: Shore to door. To ensure the process is quick and convenient, Pescafresh has a vast home-delivery network and branded retail presence. You can now step into any of our retail outlet partners to enjoy high quality seafood. With the exclusive delivery centres and shop-in-shop partnerships, the consumer has the power to experiment as they please.

You are only a few steps away from being enticed to seafood nirvana whenever you need it!



Unit No. 37, A-Z Industrial Estate,

G.K. Marg

Lower Parel (E) – 400013

Contact No.: 022 66669999


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