Lal Shah Dargah, Lalbaug

lalshah 1

Located amidst a bustling locality surrounded by residential complexes is the Sayyed Hazrat Lal Shah Dargah or Lal Shah Dargah, which is believed to have given the Lalbaug area its name.

The saint’s dargah, located between meandering lanes, is surrounded by Hindu settlements on all sides. Located adjacent to Chiwda Galli is the Chand Shah Dargah, a Sufi shrine dedicated to Chand Shah who happened to be the younger brother of Lal Shah.

Reportedly, the Chand Shah dargah was demolished during the communal riots in 1992 and thus, had to be rebuilt from scratch. Since then, as a heartwarming gesture of secularism, a Hindu family has been taking care of the dargah and a well adjacent to it has been donated by a Hindu Tamasha group.

Both the dargahs are believed to be wishfulfilling.


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