THE WHITE OWL – Restaurant Review by Wheels on Our Feet

The White Owl is Mumbai’s second micro-brewery. That means, they make their own beer. Right there at the restaurant! From fruity flavours to chocolate to caramel, they take pride in being an ‘artisan’ brewery that crafts a new flavor almost every week. True that! Literally! For, other than Diablo, the Irish Ale, and Halcyon, the german hefeweizen, the artisans try to create magic, eer beer, with interesting ingredients all through the time, such that patrons have something new to look forward to every time they come to the White Owl.

I especially loved their Torpedo, a citrusy American pale ale, while Jayanta loved Diablo. Mind you, I am not a beer person at all. So Torpedo was a good induction.

Once you take your mind off the beers and look around, you will find White Owl to be just the place where you like to hang out with friends, with a DJ playing his repertoire of music from all over in one corner; people playing Beer Pong and Flip Cup in one side; others, sitting in the high chairs to get the best from the bartender; while most others are happing slumping in the regular chairs after a long day at work, and unwinding over the crafted beer.

Look around, and you will find interesting stuff hung on the walls – a cycle in one, another filled with something that looked like those olden day’s fan switches. But the best wall is one where they exhibit art – photographs and paintings – of lesser known artists, thus giving a phillip to the amateurs. An oh, they also screen matches too…

On the food front, we took fancy to the German-Style Bratwurst – an extremely tasty sausage in a bed of boiled potatoes and apple sauce, Red Snapper Ceviche – red snapper that cooks in the acid of the lemons, Beetroot Gnnochi – which were more like beetroot cutlets in a bed of lettuce and not gnocchi at all.

Realised, the food there is fashioned to complement their beers. Best is to go for the day’s special, or have a word with the chef before you place your order. Desserts are awesome – we had Cheescake with Strawberry Compote and an Apple-Pear Crumble with Ice-Cream. Both, perfect!

Their staff is eager to help with your questions and get you the best food-drink combination, but mind you, they are in no hurry. Food can take forever to arrive, even on a weekday late evening. Don’t blame them, they are there to help you unwind, aren’t they? And not rush you through your meal. So in case you have that important pitch/presentation next morning, make sure you tell them that your life hangs on how quick they are with the food! Hehe…

Rates are on the higher side, almost at par with Fine dining restaurants.

Go with your friends and experiment with the beers. You will love them.

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