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ICasa is a new concept in modern furniture design. Clearly targeting the upwardly mobile consumer who has travelled across the world as is looking for style statements with an additional dimension of comfort, ICasa is a welcome addition to India’s furniture retail landscape.

The brand ICasa will house furniture from Natuzzi Editions and Italsofa by Natuzzi Group.

At a glance, the store hopes to invoke visions of masterful sensory modernity. The furniture itselfis at times nuanced and sober, at times boldly eccentric; these pieces illustrate the power of design to stir memory and to incite our imagination to create living spaces.

The woman behind ICasa is a strong, successful and charismatic entrepreneur. She is an interior dynamo who believes in visualizing dreams. Abha Gupta has various impressive projects to her name, including a spacious 8000 sq ft home in South Mumbai. Her passion for furnishing can be seen the moment you enter ICasa.

In her travels across the globe, Mrs.Gupta saw the massive gap in the furniture market in India. The unorganized furniture market in India was booming; here the vendors were king and customers had no guarantee on standardization for price or quality. Seeking to remedy this, she set up ICasa.

ICasa offers high quality, well priced products, which can be easily located in the market. She places utmost importance in giving her customers' dreams a shape in reality.

Says Abha Gupta, inceptor and ideator, ICasa, “ICasa will offer coordinated design furniture and accessories; each collection has its own specific and characteristic personality that distinguishes it from the others.”

Ms. Gupta has travelled the world in the quest for inspirations that have taken the form of the huge store at Rahguvanshi Mills. The muses have come from various quarters; Venetian, Parisian, Grecian influences along with Turkish (Kusadasi) and Swedish notes that have added the desired charm to the conflux at the store. The shores of The US and UK are no stranger to this well-heeled lady behind the concept outlet.


The furniture market largely survives on bulk buying from the interior and home décor industry. It’s only recently, over the last decade or so that consumers have started asserting their purchasing power at the retail stores.

In keeping with this, ICasa is positioning itself as a fresh contemporary consumer brand offering modern sofas at competitive prices. The prices are refreshingly reasonable too; starting at upward one Lac for a two seater.

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ICasa is based out of an 8000 feet store located in the heart of the city’s furniture and interior decor Mecca, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound in Lower Parel.

Zen Café’:

The store boasts of a new concept called the Zen Café that stimulates meaningful exchange at a social and individual level by creating think spaces combined with food and beverages.

Buying furniture is a well thought out decision and the Zen café will give patrons the space for just that.

icasa logoICasa Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.

Shop No.1/2/3 KSL House,Raghuvanshi Mills Compound,

11/12, Senapati Bapat Marg,Lower Parel (W),

Mumbai – 400 013.

Tel: +91 22 2498 4824 | Mob: +91 98193 92242


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