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Art, unconventional eccentricities and extravagance create our world of 'Audelade'.

'Audelade' translates to 'beyond' in English. The rich heritage of India has inspired the brand to emphasize on the skills passed on from generation to generation through the designs.

Our products blend in perfectly at an elegant soiree as well as in a traditional Indian wedding. It's a unique high fashion accessory brand for men and women, with a patent for weaving gold and silver to fabric.

Our technique and intricate detailing are the hallmark, which is helping Audelade to expand and create a niche in the fashion industry.

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Quenchless thirst for accomplishment, gave rise to the entrepreneur in Mr Mahendra Sanghvi. He established himself in the textile industry, but soon the eclectic nature of textiles & pure metal caught his eyes.

Thus with his vision to create and tailor to the inimitable demeanor of the elite, he dived into the world of glamour and high fashion.

Panache for all things innovative inspired Mr Sanghvi to experiment within the jewelry & textile industry. Thus with his knowledge fused together, Audelade was created.

Art of Making

From thin wires of gold & silver, to a raw base and to the Audelade product, every stage is dealt with precision. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-woven to its finest degree.

Audelade artisan's inherit the skills from their forefathers and hence dedicate their expertise and invaluable experience, to form Audelade.


1st Floor Skyzone,

Phoenix Mills Compound,

Lower Parel,

Mumbai 400 013

Call +91 22 24969191 or fax us on +91 22 2496 9292

Mobile: +91 99204 64027





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